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We love hearing from different voices and are always excited to share new perspectives with our readers. If you are interested in sharing a guest post, please send either the guest post idea or fully developed post to our Editorial Director, Melissa Peikin at: melissa {at} phase2parenting {dot} com.

To help get you started in the right direction, we wanted to share a few guest submission guidelines:

  1. Topic: Please review our About page and various topic areas to ensure your potential guest blog is the right fit. Consider a new topic area or extension of something we've written about in the past.
  2. Length: We like blog posts anywhere from 600-1,000 words.
  3. Your Info: Please include your bio, a headshot as well as any social media links to share.  
  4. Images: Feel free to include an image ONLY IF you own the rights to it or know that it is marked as free to share. We reserve the right to switch out images. 
  5. Title: Please suggest a title for your post but we reserve the right to edit if needed.
  6. Original: The majority of our posts are original content, so if your post has already been published, let us know. If you choose to publish your Phase2Parenting post somewhere else at a later time, please include these words and link: “This originally appeared on Phase2Parenting: https://phase2parenting.com.”
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