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Tweens and teens are going through dramatic body transformations between the ages of 8-18. Between their growing bodies, raging hormones, puberty and more, you, as a parent are going to need to be armed with a variety of health-related resources. We've pulled together a few hot topics including sex-ed and pregnancy, along with general health here for you. Please feel free to send us other useful resources to include in this section.


Advocates for Youth

A national organization, Advocates for Youth partners with youth leaders, adult allies, and others to recognize the right to sexual health information as well as accssible, confidential and affordoable sexual helath services. Their website is a great resource for parents looking for advice on how to talk to their teens about sexual health issues, as well as learn the facts and current laws and policies. 

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Be Safe

Local to Boston, BE SAFE is a collaboration between several different Massachusetts-based non-profits, which collectively focus on youth health and sexual health. Along with an extensive list of crisis phone numbers for hotlines around topics like domestic violence, rape, mental health and sexual health issues, they provide information and resources for teens, parents and staff that may come across these issues. 


Center for Young Women’s Health

Founded and managed by  Boston Children’s Hospital, The Center for Young Women's Health provides information for young women's health for teens, parents, healthcare providers and educators around a plethora of topics relating to girls growing into women. From emotional health, nutrition, sexual health, their website provides a wealth of information. They also have a full schedule of online health chats for parents or teens to connect with professionals around a variety of topics.


A website from the American Academy of Pediatrics, hosts a wide range of information geared towards parents of children at any age. Parents or tweens and teens can find a variety of information around health topics that their children may run into. Their website also has "Ask the Pediatrician" and "Symptom Checker" functionalities, which may come in handy!

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I Wanna KNow is a site from the American Sexual Health Association dedicated to helping teens and young adults find information on sexual health. Parents can use this website to find facts, answer questions around sexual health, STDs/STIs, relationships, pregnancy and more.

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Massachusetts Alliance on Teen Pregnancy

The MA Alliance on Teen Pregnancy works statewide to prevent teen pregnancy and empower youth to make healthy choices. Their website also provides widespread information for parents around talking to their kids about teen pregnancy, sexual behavior, and sexual health.

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planned parenthood

Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts provides health services, centers, hotlines and more for sexual health services. Along with their patient work, their website is a great place for parents to learn about sexual health topics with tips on how to talk to their teens. They also provide a bi-monthly newsletter for parents on the latest teen sexual health news and topics.

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Sex, Etc.

Sex, etc. helps teens (and parents!) answer any question they may have around sex, relationships, pregnancy, STDs, birth control, sexual orientation and more. With expert contributors as well as teen writers, their website offers forums to ask questions, videos, a sex terms glossary, as well as a “Sex in the States,” which is a state-by-state guide to teens’ rights to sex education, birth control and more.

teens health 2.jpg is run by the nonprofit Nemours Center for Children's Health Media and provides easy to navigate, accurate and current health information for parents of teenagers. Their website addresses a large amount of topics that any parent of a teenager will come across as they navigate this stage of life.

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Young Men's Health Site

Produced by Boston Children's Hospital, (YMH) is a website devoted to sharing accurate, up-to-date health information to teen boys. Parents can use this website to learn how to talk to their sons about growing up as adolescents.