Holiday 2018 Gift Guide: Tween Edition

The holidays are here and to simplify your life we’ve pulled together a list of gifts made for the tween years – the trendy, the quirky and everything in between. It can be challenging to buy for this age group but also a lot of fun. Like a friend of mine said, “Gift-giving for tweens is the BEST because they love bigger kid stuff like electronics, but they also dig toys and collectibles.” Lots to choose from, so let’s dive in!

The “It” Gifts

Nintendo Switch: If your kid is a gamer, then chances are this is on their wish list. This new system from Nintendo is an at-home gaming system that can transition to hand-held mode for on-the-go gaming. Add an option for table-top mode and more play styles with Joy-con and this is one of the hottest gifts of the season.

Fortnite Skins: Want to put a smile on your Fortnite fan’s face? Then this is the way to do it! For our Boston readers, they even have Tom Brady! Give the gift of PS4 money (or just go directly through Vbucks) and let your tween go to town!

Kindle (Kids Bundle): Give them the gift of reading with the feel of a tablet. The great thing about this Kindle is it’s purely an e-reader – parents will love its Vocabulary Builder feature as well as the fact that there’s no backlight to encourage bedtime once lights are out!

Simple & Cost-Effective

Moj Moj: Cute and squishy, your tween will want to collect them all! Each series brings something new and always the thrill of acquiring a rare or ultra-rare Moj Moj.

50 States Traveled Journal: Does your tween have the travel bug? Feed their inspiration with a travel journal to chronicle their adventures across the country. This gift will be a wonderful keepsake and certainly one they’ll revisit in years to come.

Slime: Sometimes it’s simple, messy things that are nearest and dearest to our kid’s heart. Take it to the next level with this slime and putty lab from National Geographic where your tween will love experimenting with magnetic putty, fluffy slime and something called snotty slime. Have fun, parents!

For Those Who Like to Create

Droid Inventor Kit: Got a Star Wars fan that’s also into tech? Then this could be their favorite gift of the year. Kids can create their own Droid and then control it using an app. Your budding computer scientist will love coding their Droid to go on different missions around your home. (C-3PO not included.)

Harry Potter Lego Sets: They’re back! This is the ultimate gift for your Lego-loving Harry Potter fan. These sets are made for the advanced builder, and perfect for a snowy day over school vacation week.

Bath Bomb Lab: Want a fun way to teach your tween about chemical reactions? This hand-on kit offers multiple recipe options to experiment with, resulting in many different styles of bath bombs. This could be the gift that keeps on giving – get on your tween’s good side and you may end up taking a luxurious bath compliments of one of their latest creations.

Entertainment Gifts

Watermelon Ball: While we may not be thinking of pool parties during this holiday season (particularly those of us on the east coast), start channeling warmer weather with this simple gift that will bring hours of summer fun. This Watermelon Ball can be passed up to 10 feet and dribbled like a basketball under water – and it looks like a watermelon, so what’s not to love?

Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone: Do you have an entertainer on your hands? Then check out this wireless microphone that’s always ready for a party. Simple and easy to use, select your song via Bluetooth streaming and start recording.

Schmovie Game Want something new for family game night that will keep the laughs coming? Then check out Schmovie, the game about making up funny movie titles that focuses on creativity and humor – not on movie trivia. For more fun ideas for games, check out this article on games to play with your teens from our friends at

Looking for More?

Want additional ideas for stocking stuffers or gifts for teens?  Our friends at LP Tutoring, Healthy Living Colorado and The Reluctant Cowgirl have some great suggestions.

And whether you live in California or Massachusetts, everyone wants snow over the holidays. No matter where you live, you can make that happen with some indoor snow!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Phase2Parenting!

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