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How to Avoid Nagging and Yelling at your Teen: There is a Way!

No parent wants to nag or yell at their kids. But let’s face it, it happens. And when it does, no one feels good – you OR your kids. So how do we parent in a way that’s most effective, all while keeping our cool? We spoke with parenting guru, Amanda Houle, who is the host of the podcast and website, Parenting with a Punch about her philosophy and coaching experience on this topic.

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These Three Parenting Steps Can Make All The Difference With Your Tween

Developmentally, tweens and adolescents have an increasing desire for autonomy, independence and control. In this guest post, Karen Kraut, MPH, discusses how the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) parenting approach taps into your tween’s desire for autonomy, paving the way for a smooth and peaceful relationship with your tween.

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