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Preparing for the Expense of Having an Adult Child

As teens prepare to become adults, so do parents need to prepare their own wallets. The cost of having an adult child far outweighs those preschool costs and extra sports activities. Ray FitzGerald, an educator and writer, shares his thoughts about preparing for fully-grown kids.

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Staying Connected During the Teenage Years

Staying connected to your growing teen who is itching for independence can be tricky. As you pull close, they pull away. We talked with Cindy Kaplan, Parenting Coach, to discuss ways parents can keep a strong connection throughout the tween and teen years.

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Why Raising Your Teenager Means Raising Yourself First as a Parent

When it comes to parenting, most expert advice is targeted on the child, but one parenting expert, Kim Hackett takes a different perspective. In this interview, Kim will discuss her parenting philosophy, Parenting You and why parenting is a self-reflective process starting by looking internally at yourself as a parent.

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