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Why Raising Your Teenager Means Raising Yourself First as a Parent

When it comes to parenting, most expert advice is targeted on the child, but one parenting expert, Kim Hackett takes a different perspective. In this interview, Kim will discuss her parenting philosophy, Parenting You and why parenting is a self-reflective process starting by looking internally at yourself as a parent.

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These Three Parenting Steps Can Make All The Difference With Your Tween

Developmentally, tweens and adolescents have an increasing desire for autonomy, independence and control. In this guest post, Karen Kraut, MPH, discusses how the Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) parenting approach taps into your tween’s desire for autonomy, paving the way for a smooth and peaceful relationship with your tween.

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How to Bring Mindfulness into your Relationship with your Tween or Teen

The practice of mindfulness can help you, as a parent, cultivate a healthy and supportive relationship with your teen. Dr. Matt Hersh, a licensed clinical psychologist, breaks it all down for you.

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