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Preparing for the Expense of Having an Adult Child

As teens prepare to become adults, so do parents need to prepare their own wallets. The cost of having an adult child far outweighs those preschool costs and extra sports activities. Ray FitzGerald, an educator and writer, shares his thoughts about preparing for fully-grown kids.

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Teaching Children About Credit and Savings Should Top Parents’ To-Do List

Teaching your tweens and teens about not only the value of a dollar, but HOW to manage those dollars is essential to their transition into adulthood. In this guest post, Ray FitzGerald provides easy-to-implement tips for parents to teach their children how to save and manage credit.

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8 Essential Tips to Teach your Teen about Money

Now’s the perfect time to teach the next generation how to handle their money. Julie Morgenlender, a Financial Freedom Coach, shares easy practical tips that can help you teach your teen about how to handle and manage money to set them up for their future.

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