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The Epic Screen Time Battle

Screens – they’re everywhere! As our kids get older, and generally more savvy with phones, tablets and apps, how do we help them find balance when overexposure is so easily attainable? We spoke with Cindy Kaplan, parent coach and conscious family therapist, for some help understanding how screen time can affect our kids, while also giving us some tips on discussing it with them.

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How Smartphone Addiction Is Affecting Teens’ Brains

With the current landscape of teen’s excessive phone use, writer Sandi Shwartz digs into the research behind how this addiction is actually affecting children’s brains. Get insights into the latest research studies and tips for parents to understand and monitor their teen’s smartphone usage.

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How Much Is Too Much: Technology Addiction and How to Manage It

Between texting and various social media sites, your teen’s phone is their lifeline.  It’s their way to communicate and stay connected with friends; in addition to everything else we can do with phones today as technology continues to develop.  But how do we know when the relationship with technology goes toxic? And what are the some of the effects of too much screen-time?

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