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Building Healthy Conversations Around Alcohol

Discussing alcohol with your teenagers can feel like a conversation you'd like to put off as long as possible. While avoiding the topic of alcohol seems like a "safe" idea at first, establishing yourself as a trusted authority and confidante around these decisions will help your children lean on you for guidance rather than discipline.

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Drug Guide for Parents

 The teenage years often involve exploration and self-discovery. During this journey, teens may experiment with substances and alcohol. As a parent, it’s your role to guide them on how to navigate this tricky world as they grow into adults. Get tips for how to talk to your teens and signs of substance abuse.

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Helping Your Daughter Navigate Middle School Mean Girls

It may seem to happen overnight. One day, your child has a group of friends, and then a shift occurs, and the clique that was her world, suddenly turns against her. Learn more about the "Mean Girl" phenomeon and how to help your daughter navigate this tricky time.

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